Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Rank Belt

There are two (2) types of grade in Aikido; Mudansha (Kyu-rank) and Yudansha (Dan-rank).

The introduction of Aikido begins since the new member joins the Dojo. The members are expected that they could understand the fundamental and/or the basic form of Aikido until they reach the 1st Dan. We always remind our members that when they reach the Shodan (first degree Black Belt) level, means we acknowledge their skill and knowledge of the fundamental and/or basic techniques. We always do our best to maintain our quality standard.

Below are the grade and ranks which adopted in Bulungan Aikido Dojo:

Grade Rank Obi/Belt Colour
Mudansha New member White
5th Kyu White
4th Kyu Blue
3rd Kyu Blue
2nd Kyu Brown
1st Kyu Brown
Yudansha 1st Dan and above Black