Thursday, June 22, 2017
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(April 29 & 30 2017)

 (updated as per May 25th)


the 26th Bulungan Aikido Dojo's Anniversary was a new milestone for Bulungan Aikido Dojo and the start of new big step for Bulungan Aikido Dojo. Ryuji Shirakawa Sensei really enjoyed the training and the warm welcome of the Bulungan Aikido Dojo Member.

Below are some the link from youtube for the celebration activities:




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Bulungan Aikido Dojo Bulungan Aikido Dojo - 2014 Public Demonstration  BAD 2014 Public Demonstration Pictures & Video
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Video training Clip

Practise  Embukai Bulungan Aikido Dojo   Aikido Practice "Uke-mi Wawan" - Bulungan Aikido Dojo (Jakarta-Indonesia)