Bulungan Aikido Dojo was established in 1991 by several local aikido practitioners who learned the knowledge of the modern martial art in its origin land, Japan. It is one of the early dojos in the capital city of Indonesia which had the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency. Located at the Youth Sports Center in the heart of Southern Jakarta, Bulungan Aikido Dojo is a place where people of all ages, men and women, can train aikido. The basic idea is not only for you think of it as a sacred space, but also a place where you can develop your mind, body, and spirit. 

Our Dojo is one of the founders of Federasi Indonesia Aikikai. A new aikido organization in the country that is being recognized by Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters. Whether you are an aikido practitioner or not, whether you are affiliated to our educational system or not, we welcome you to see, join, and practice the Way of the Aiki with us. The dues are not to be considered as payment for classes, instead to cover the operating expenses. Your participation is not only for your own training and well-being, but also as a sincere commitment that will support and enhance the experience of all us at the dojo. 

We consider Bulungan Aikido Dojo as our beloved home. We also expect anyone who has been here to share the same feeling as we do. Therefore, we invite you to be a part of our Aiki community. All contributions are appreciated.