Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Registration Procedure

1. Registration opens on training schedule
2. Complete and sign a registration form
3. Enclose a 3 x 4 recent color photograph
4. Pay admission fee
5. Pay monthly fee
6. Need to have Aikido uniform
7. Receive a membership card which needs to be signed by instructor in charge every time joining a class and signed by an administration officer every time settling for monthly fee
8. Inquiry for school, university, organization, and corporate training is available by request


The enrollment fee for the year 2017 is Rp. 225.000 (include : admission fee and one month monthly fee).
Please find PDF Version of Registration Form here


The monthly fee for the year 2017 is Rp. 75.000. Members are allowed to pay the monthly fee in advance for 1 year period with a special rate.


The enrollment fee and the monthly fee may change depends on the situation and the condition. Such changes shall be made in public and shall be published through this website and it will be the Committee's sole discretion.