Saturday, May 25, 2019
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(April 5th) Joe Thambu & Robert Mustard Seminar

April 5th

Bulungan Aikido Dojo and its affiliate (Setia Waspada Dojo) sent more than twenty (20) members as their delegation to this Aikido seminar.

Joe Thambu Shihan and Robert Mustard Shihan delivered a very good seminar which was really enjoyed by all of the participants. Although both of the Aikido masters came from Yoshinkan Aikido background, but the way they deliver and share their Aikido knowledge was very relax and very comprehensive.  Joe Thambu Shihan was very pleased to see the members of Bulungan Aikido Dojo have a very open mind / perception of Aikido.

This seminar was held by Aikido Shudokan Indonesia, which headed by Mark A. Hadiarja, an old friend of one of the Bulungan Aikido Dojo Instructors, Merdi.

Joe Thambu and Robert Mustard Seminar