Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Aikido in Indonesia

Aikido Development in Indonesia started in 2 places, namely Jakarta and Surabaya.

Development In Jakarta

Aikido development in Jakarta started around 1970 when the Indonesian students studying in Japan – including studying Aikido – return home. They are Ir. Tamsu Ibrahim (Mr. Tamsu), Ir. Jozef Izaak Poetiray (Mr. Poetiray), Ir. Mansur Idham (Mr. Mansur) and the late Drs. Achmad Machbub (Mr. Bob).

While studying in Japan, they were also practicing Aikido because they want to bring home non-formal knowledge that is useful for the Indonesian, especially useful for character building.

Mr. Tamsu Studying Yoshinkan Aikido while Mr. Poetiray studied Aikido from Hiroshi Tada Shihan in Jiyugaoka dojo and finally obtained his 1st Dan a round 1968 to 1969. While Mr. Mansur and Mr. Bob has obtained 1st Kyu by the time returned home.

Regardless of any existing differences, thanks to the enthusiasm to share the knowledge they gained in Japan, and also the request of their acquaintances, they started to practice in the wrestling room in what is now known as Gelora (Gelanggang Olah Raga) Bung Karno.

Some people who study Aikido from them also contributed to the development of Aikido today is Ir. Gunawan Danurahardja MBM (Mr. Gunawan) and Mr. Robert Felix.

Development in Surabaya.

Besides in Jakarta, about the same year in 1970, Aikido practice activities also started in Surabaya under the guidance of Eiichi Kochi Sensei which is Bansen Tanaka Shihan’s instructed Aikidoka.

Some Aikidoka instructed by Kochi Eiichi Sensei who later also credited for the foundation of Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai is Mr. J. M. Prawira (Mr. Prawira) and Mr. Imam Kurnain (Mr. Imam). Both of them, in 1974, obtained 1st Dan.

The Meeting Between Jakarta Aikidoka And Surabaya Aikidoka.

About 1975, because of the work demands, Mr. Imam moved to Jakarta. In this period he was one of the staff of Mr. Dono Ikandar Djojosubroto (Mr. Dono).

Thanks to the media, Mr. Imam found out about the practice in Jakarta and met Mr. Poetiray and his colleagues. Mr. Imam was welcomed by Mr. Poetiray and his colleagues establishing the relationship between Aikidoka Jakarta and Aikidoka Surabaya.

The Establishment of Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai.

After a long time interaction, they were realized that to develop Aikido further an official organization is needed as a manifestation of a sense of responsibility to society. Therefore, they started the preparation to form an organization later known as Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai. 

Finally, on 28 October 1983, in front of the notary, Lukman Winarti Widjaja SH, Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai was formally established by the founder:

-         Mr. Josef Izaak Poetiray;

-         Mr. J.M. Prawira Widjaja;

-         Ir. Mansur Idham Supangat;

-         Ir. Gunawan Danurahardja MBM;

-         Mr. Robert Felix;

-         Ir. Tansu Ibrahim;

-         Dr. Dono Iskandara Djojosubroto;

-         Drs. Achmad Machbub;

-         Drs. Imam Kurnain;

-         Mr. Gatot. 


The wide spread of Aikido.

During the expansion of Aikido in Indonesia, several dojo's declared their independence and formed new organizations, such as Keluarga Besar Aikido Indonesia (KBAI), Institut Aikido Indonesia (IAI), Padepokan Aikido Indonesia (PAI), Ikiru Dojo etc. On May 26th 2017, Bulungan Aikido Dojo declare it's independence therefore it is no longer part of Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai.